Real-Time Analytics Platform

Report Your Data
Perceivant’s real-time data analytics platform correlates data in easy-to-read, easy-to-digest dashboards making quick decisions possible across job functions. Review Platform Features.


HIPPA Compliant

Perceivant is HIPAA-Compliant. Check out how our real-time data analytics for healthcare is helping to drive business decisions. Read Case Study.

Top Gun Data Science Team

Analyze Your Data
Perceivant’s data scientists can help your company define, analyze and correlate your data, ultimately uncovering insights that allow your organizations to make impactful decisions. Learn More.

Query speeds up to 100x Hadoop.

We’re fast. Really fast. Set-up takes days/weeks, not months and requires minimal involvement from your internal IT team. But that is just the warm-up. Perceivant’s query processing is up to 100 times faster than Hadoop.

Application of Insights

When a relationship between data points is made, Perceivant gives companies the ability to continually and automatically monitor data for records that fit those criteria and either manually or automatically follows up with an action.


We are a cloud-based application which is customizable to fit your data security requirements. All measures, in terms of secure access, are in place with every Perceivant engagement. We also offer extra security through private or regulation-specific clouds.


Perceivant can process and correlate terabytes of data in seconds, but is also a good fit for organizations who have far less data.

Ease of Use

You do not need to be a data scientist or have formal training to use Perceivant. The system is designed to be used throughout an organization by people who want access to data to influence decisions.

Simple Access

Perceivant requires no servers, software licenses, or expensive consultants. It was designed as a simple, yet highly powerful, way to start collecting, and harnessing data in the fastest time possible.